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Arosa in the News

Progress Report

August 2023

El vehículo con estética Bugatti capaz de moverse por tierra, nieve y agua

July 2023 okdiario

A Maryland-based company has created an electric hovercraft 

June 2023 E&T


Ferrari-looking electric hovercraft

May 2023 siamagazin

New electric sports hovercraft

May 2023 startupselfie

Arosa, el aerodeslizador eléctrico de lujo que parece un deportivo

April 2023 leonoticias

VIDÉO. Pour 185 000€, l’« hovercraft » électrique vous permet de glisser jusqu’à 80km/h sur l’eau comme sur la terre

April 2023 Le Parisien

Latest and greatest in its electric-motor vehicle field

April 2023 Waco-Tribune Hearld

Might Just Be The Supercar Of Hovercrafts

April 2023 Shouts


April 2023 中国设计之窗

Vonmercier Arosa er et elektrisk luftpudefartøj

April 2023 Mandesager

A capable people mover on a wide variety of terrain

March 2023 HT Auto

Así es el superdeportivo que puedes conducir dentro y fuera del agua

March 2023 Forbes España


Luce como un Bugatti

March 2023 Robb Report México

New electric hovercraft has been launched

March 2023 Manchester Evening News

Looks like a Ferrari and can float

March 2023 The U.S. Sun

New electric hovercraft now on sale

March 2023 Chronicle Live

Ferrari-style hovercraft

March 2023 Longview News-Journal

Ter land en ter zee: met deze hovercraft ben jij elk terrein de baas

March 2023 Gewoonvoorhem


VonMercier Arosa: el hovercraft más elegante del momento

March 2023 LOFF.IT 

Progress Report

March 2023

Reservations now open 

March 2023

VonMercier steps into the Future

March 2023 HypeBeast

Looks Like It Came from the Future

March 2023 HiConsumption

The VonMercier Arosa is fast, quiet, electric, and it looks like a supercar.

March 2023 RobbReport

Aeroauto Aeromall and Vonmercier Hovercraft Announce Strategic Partnership for Sales, Service, and Distribution

January 2023 yahoo/finance

VonMercier brings an all-new element to the [Washington DC Auto] show floor

January 2023 yahoo/globalnewswire

Progress Report

January 2023

Progress Report

October 2022


VonMercier featured in tech podcast.  Creating futuristic vehicle concepts with VonMercier

October 2022


Progress Report

August 2022


Progress Report

June 2022

Progress Report

April 2022

Progress Report

February 2022

Videobrings together supercar looks and speedboat cruising

March 2022 MSN

è uno degli hovercraft più sexy mai realizzati

March 2022

Video futuristického plavidla se může prohánět  na sněhu a hlavně po vodě. 

March 2022 Seznam Zprávy

Video the hovercraft brings together supercar looks and speedboat cruising

March 2022 breakingone

As stylish as it is unique

March 2022 TheMarketHerald

luxury hovercraft will surely turn heads 

March 2022 intelligentliving

Videogiving new meaning to the term off-road vehicle 

March 2022 Opelika-Auburn News

Sea levels are rising, so it might be a good look to invest in a hovercraft.

March 2022 stupidDOPE

a toy for superyacht owners who want to jet out onto land for brief periods

March 2022 yahoo!life

an amphibious vehicle that takes driving to new levels

February 2022 luxuo

VonMercier Arosa, un joujou de riche pour se déplacer sur terre et sur l’eau

February 2022 l’Annuel de l’automobile

Rückkehr des Luftkissengefährts als Sport-Cabrio

February 2022  Neue Zürcher Zeitung new meaning to the term off-road vehicle

February 2022 GlobalCirculate

Arosa’s patented advanced directional control system promises superior maneuverability

February 2022 Luxurylaunches

VonMercier's design blends cutting-edge hovercraft and electric vehicle innovation

February 2022 DailyMail

Летающая лодка Arosa компании Von Mercier — пожалуй, первая среди судов своего класса, отличающаяся высоким потребительским комфортом

February 2022 Техкульт

Над землей и по воде: новый спорткар от VonMercier

February 2022 nakedscience

VonMercier Arosa is a machine that makes us smile

February 2022

VonMercier is certainly going beyond all expectations with this sporty and luxurious hovercraft

February 2022 Men's Gear

[Arosa] combines two innovations that are currently creating a lot of buzz

February 2022 Yanko Design

this ‘amphibious’ ride borrows the anatomy of marine, automotive, and aerospace designs to create a cutting edge experience

February 2022 designboom

It looks like a luxury sportscar that can also float on water 

February 2022 autoevolution

flat-out flashy

February 2022 NewAtlas

cross between a supercar and luxury speedboat

February 2022

ప్రపంచంలోనే ఈ కారు స్పెషల్.. నీటిపై కూడా యమ స్పీడ్.. ప్రత్యేకతలు మీకోసం..

February 2022

cross between a supercar and a sleek and sporty boat

February 2022


a sporty amphibious car

February 2022

It’s kind of like if a Bugatti and a Sunseeker had a baby

September 2021 Robb Report

VonMercier推出Arosa,世界上第一艘豪华气垫船 - 游艇,旅行 

September 2021 quimbra

VonMercier Arosa, um aerodeslizador esportivo

September 2021

Your dream childhood vehicle

August 2021 autoevolution

a wild creation, with tandem, open-air seating wrapped in a sleek and futuristic package

August 2021 Motor1

for people who want an amphibious vehicle without sacrificing style and luxury

August 2021 slashgear

Ein Hovercraft im Stil eines Supesportwagens – das ist bereits seit 2014 die Idee von Michael Mercier.

May 2021 automotorsport


futuristic supercar vibes

Mar 2021 FormaCar

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