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The Vision of VonMercier is

to Bring Imagined Vehicles to Life.

At VonMercier, we design and manufacture electric vehicles of the future in order to enhance exploration, transportation and recreation for today’s climate and beyond.

What we do

Our mission


The Mission of VonMercier is:
 to imagine manned vehicles of the future that enhance exploration, transportation and recreation;

to design with a premium user experience in mind;

to manufacture vehicles true to their concepts;

and to make heads turn!

Explore beyond the road

Havre de Grace Map.jpg

121 St. John St
Havre de Grace, Maryland

The Vonmercier Team

Ray Bennet

VP Manufacturing Opps

Ray is an expert in project management with 10 + years running projects at both Google and AT&T. He studied industrial and systems engineering at Virginia Tech.


Michael Mercier

 Founder & CEO

Michael is an expert in product design and development with 10 + years inventing, designing, and bringing products to market. He studied mechanical engineering and product development at Virginia Commonwealth University. He built his first hovercraft when he was 13 yrs old.

Naomi Schalle

Mechatronics Engineer

Naomi studied mechanical engineering at the University of Dayton, then spent several years in a government lab. She has come out of the bunker to bring electric vehicles to new heights! 


BEn Taber

Industrial Designer

Bill Mercier


Facilities Manager

Jennifer Micek

Board Director

Andrew Fritz


Board Director

Roger Bailey


Composites & Motorsports


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More about Michael

In his career in product development and mechanical engineering, Michael has launched products in industries spanning consumer goods to surveillance drones. He has personally brought ideas from concept to market as engineer, project manager, researcher, team leader, designer, maker, and NPD director. He holds 5 patents.

At a young age, Michael fell in love with hovercraft technology. The ability to go seamlessly from land to water is amazing and useful, but Michael was not satisfied with how difficult hovercraft were to use and that they didn't look anything like his favorite cars. Michael built his first hovercraft using plans from a Boy's Life magazine.

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