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Arosa Yacht to Shore _Render.png
Ship to shore in style.


eV Sports hovercraft


Hovering lets you seamlessly transition from water to shore​.

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Each Unit Built on Order

Arosa Explore the Shoreline _Render.jpg
Explore the uncharted.

Innovative HoverDriveTM technology makes it possible to maneuver in the forward, lateral and reverse directions, so you can stop and go with ease.

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Arosa Dimensions 2.2.23 line2.png
Arosa Specs
Arosa Blue on Shore Head-On.jpg


 At a glance you can sense that Arosa is ready for action.

The low profile body, aggressive front end, and powerful side thrust intakes make the Arosa the first truly modern hovercraft design. Marine features, such as side decks and an open cockpit, blend with automotive supercar inspiration to embody the versatility and function of this luxury sports hovercraft.

Arosa Ice White

Lightweight and strong

The Arosa embodies construction techniques from the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries.

The body and hull are molded from carbon fiber. Customizable wood decks give a warm feel and functional traction in marine environments.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 4.28.34 PM.png

SPORT SEATING or Bench for two+

Fly helicopter tandem-style or choose a rear bench for more room.

500lbs of payload can accommodate up to 3 passengers. Gear can be stowed in the cabin or attached to the side decks.

Arosa Blue Interior Proto.jpg

Quiet, Green,

Plug the Arosa into any standard EV charger to power up for all-electric exploring over land or water!

The electric powertrain greatly reduces noise,  pollution and maintenance. The battery pack can also apply boosts of power to the motors for quick performance in acceleration and maneuvering.

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