Arosa Reservation Deposit

This deposit reserves your approximate spot in the queue for a production Arosa sports hovercraft. 


This deposit is refundable.


The expected purchase base price for a production Arosa unit is $100,000. 

Arosa Reservation Deposit


    The reservation deposit assigns your approximate spot in the production queue for an Arosa sports hovercraft. Additional starting payment and final payment will be required to begin production, and take delivery of your Arosa.


    The first production run of Arosa units will have a base purchase price of at least $100,000 USD each. Final pricing will depend on the final specifications and selected customizations at the time of production. 


    This reservation deposit payment is fully refundable.


    If you no longer wish to have an Arosa production spot held for you, please request a refund of your deposit and your money will be returned. 


    The first production units of the Arosa are expected to be completed in the Summer of 2022. 


    The key features of the production Arosa include:

    1. Carbon fiber body and hull
    2. Air cushion hovering
    3. Electric powertrain
    4. Vectored side-intake thrusters
    5. Patented directional control system

    Prototypes of the Arosa have proven the new technology and key elements of the design. The pictures and videos revealed so far are of the Arosa prototypes. 


    An Arosa production beta is currently being built and will be unveiled later in 2021. 


    The target specifcations of the production Arosa are:

    Hover Height 8 in 203 mm
    Payload 400 lbs 181 kg
    Passengers 2 2
    Electric Power 118 hp 88 kw
    Thrust Force 387 lbf 1,724 N
    Cruise Speed 30 mph 48 kph
    Top Speed 60+ mph 96+ kph
    Empty Weight 900 lbs 408 kg
    Length 15.6 ft 4.8 m
    Width 7.8 ft 2.4 m
    Battery Life 90 min 90 min
    Approx Range 45 miles 72 km

    During the purchase agreement phase the VonMercier team will work with you to customize your individual Arosa. Areas you can customize include:

    • Exterior color 
    • Wood and carbon accent areas
    • Interior fabrics
    • Audio and GPS systems